1. What are my shipping charges?

Shipping charges are calculated by each individual order based on weight, number of products and your zip code.
Some items have a flat shipping charge or free shipping. We ship most orders by UPS ground.

2. How long will it take to receive my shipment?

Most orders are shipped within 24- 72 hrs. It takes about 2 - 5 days from the date shipped.

3. What is our warranty?

All of our gumball & candy machines carry a 1 year warranty against defects in manufacturing.

4. Can your gumball machines be set for free play, tokens or foreign coins?

Yes, we can convert most of our coin mechanisms. Please select the Free Spin option when you order your

5. Why is my candy machine giving out free candy when the handle is jiggled?

It probably is because the dispensing wheel is not lined up properly with opening in the hopper. To align the wheel
remove the globe & hopper assembly from the base of the candy machine. Look at the bottom of the hopper. You
will be able to move the wheel by hand. There are three openings in the wheel. Line up one of the openings of the
wheel with the opening in the hopper. See the diagram  of  your machine under our
parts page.

6. What size globe do I need for my Carousel Gumball Machine?

The Carousel gumball machines come in 3 different sizes.

King size Gumball Machine: 15" tall
Junior size Gumball Machine: 11" tall
Petite size Gumball Machine: 6" tall
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