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Dubble Bubble History:
Doubble Bubble Gum was created in 1928 by the Fleer Candy Company. Walter Diemer an accountant claims he made the recipe by accident.
The gum featured comic strip featuring brothers Dub and Bub (replaced in 1950 by Pud). It grew in popularity, and was even distributed as part of
military rations during World War II. It also was part of the first-ever gum five-pack (1957).

Dubble Bubble joined the Tootsie family in 2003, adding its standing as the world’s favorite bubble gum brand to the world’s favorite candy lineup
. Dubble Bubble Gumballs are the most popular Gumballs sold today in Gumball Machines throught the world.
Thank you for shopping at Gumball Machine Factory, we sincerely appreciate your business! Our goal is to offer the largest selection of
gumballs and candy machines, Toy Capsule Machines, vending stickers, vending tattoos, bulk candy & toy refills at the lowest possible prices for
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What size gumballs do I need for my gumball machine?

If you have a commercial gumball machine the most common size gumballs sold today are the 1" 850ct doubble bubble assorted flavors
gumballs. These machines usually have an adjustment on the gumball wheel to accecpt a slightly smaller size like the 1080ct or 1430ct or they
also will accepts slightly larger gumballs like the 600ct or 700ct.  If you have a home use machine like the Carousel King, Junior or Petite
gumball machine these machines will vend the .63", .55" or .49" size gumballs. .63", .55" or .49" gumballs are available only in assorted colors
or sugar free. The larger gumballs are not available in Sugar Free. If you have a 2" toy capsule machine you can also vend 2" size gumballs

What does ct mean?

ct. stands for count or the number of gumballs in the box.

Still not sure what size gumball  you need?

Look in the bottom of your gumball machine. You will see 3 round holes. One of the holes is covered by 2 springs. These springs prevent the
gumballs from falling out. Measure the diameter of the hole. This should tell you what size gumball will fit in the hole.
Gumball Size Chart
Gumball Size Chart: The gumball chart below shows all of the gumballs that are made today. We only carry the most popular sizes, however if
you do not see the size you want on our web site we can special order any of the gumball sizes in the chart. Gumball Machine Factory .Com is
proud to be an authorized distributor of Doubble Bubble Gumballs and Carousel Gumballs.
Doubble Bubble Gumballs Logo
Gumball Machine Factory.Com offers the finest Gumballs & Candy for the
Bulk Vending Industry or home use. We receive our shipments weekly to
insure the freshest product possible. We offer a wide variety of flavored
gumballs & carry only the finest brands to refill you're gumball machine or
candy machine from companies like Carousel, Wonka, M&M Mars, Nestle,
Oak Leaf, Just Born, Sconza & others. If you're looking for solid color Carousel
gumballs for a party, large 1 inch gumballs or small gumballs to refill your
Carousel gumball machine, you've come to the right place. You can be
assured that buying gumballs from Gumball Machine Factory is completely  
secure & safe.