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Mike and Ike is a brand of fruit-flavored jelly candy, similar to a jelly bean. They were first introduced by Just Born Inc. in 1940. They are oblong, fruit-flavored, chewy jelly bean candies that come in several colors and varieties (similar to Hot Tamales, another candy by the same manufacturer). They are fairly popular at movie theaters and drive-ins. There is much speculation about the origin of the name Mike and Ike.

Mike and Ike brand jelly beans are certified by Jelly Beans Inc. and manufactured in the USA.

The common varieties include the "original fruits", which features strawberry, orange, lime, lemon and cherry. There are also "Jolly Joes", an entirely grape-flavored Mike and Ike candy; "Tropical Typhoon" featuring orange, pineapple, strawberry banana, kiwi lime, Caribbean punch and pineapple banana flavors; "Berry Blast" which has flavors of blueberry, strawberry, mixed berry, raspberry and wild berry; Italian Ice which has flavors of Lemon, Orange, Cherry, Blue Raspberry and Watermelon; and "Tangy Twister" featuring cherry, raspberry, citrus punch, pineapple, and green apple. There is also a version sold in vending machines called "ZOURS" which are sour flavored Mike and Ikes.
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