Economy Candy Crane Mix - 4,915 pieces (4.8 cents)Zoom

Economy Candy Crane Mix - 4,915 pieces (4.8 cents)

Economy Candy Crane Mix - 4,915 pieces (4.8 cents)
Item# AA0290C
This item is currently out of stock!
4,915 pieces Great NEW mix! Includes a variety of popular candies FREE FREIGHT

Candy crane mix includes: Banana Chews Black Cherry Chews Flinstones Fruit Chews Fruit Chews Green Apple Chews Ice Cream Chews Cherry Chews Punchy Chews Frunas Fruit Chews Taffy Time Flavored Chews Candy Rings Toxic Waste Miniatures Lemon Head Wrapped Atomic Fireball Wrap Gold Bear Minis Swedish Fish Red Sour Patch Kids Wonka Mix-Ups Laffy Taffy Mix Nerds Smarties Rolls Smarties Packets Air Heads Blue Raspberry PEZ Bulk Mini Rolls Pop Rocks Samito Pops Fruit Filled Candy Strawberries Azedinha Sour Drop Candy Starlight Fruit Tab Rolls Tootsie Rolls Black Cherry Pop Mix Root Beer Barrels Candy Watch Candy Loveheart Bracelet Candy Necklace Fun Toons Candy Sticks Tootsie Pop Miniature
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