Premium Candy Crane Mix - 4,125 pieces (6.1 cents)Zoom

Premium Candy Crane Mix - 4,125 pieces (6.1 cents)

Premium Candy Crane Mix - 4,125 pieces (6.1 cents)
Item# AA0350C
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Includes larger items such as lollipops and gummy bears Brand name items like Mike & Ike's, Air Heads and Willy Wonka FREE FREIGHT 4,125 pieces

Candy crane mix includes: Black Cherry Chews Blue Raspberry Chews Fruit Chews Green Apple Chews Ice Cream Chews Punchy Chews Strawberry Chews Taffy Time Flavored Chews Watermelon Chews Smarties Sour Green Apple Sour Strawberry Sour Grape Sour Rainbow Sour Strawberry Warheads Extreme Sour Swedish Fish Sour Patch Kids Wonka Mix Ups Air Heads Pops Pop Rocks Wrapped Candy Watches Candy Loveheart Bracelets Atomic Fireballs Mike & Ike Hot Tamales Fruit Taste Fizz Bottle Caps Lemon Heads Air Heads Blue Raspberry Mini Bars Fruit Filled Candy Shock Pops Samblue Mix Tongue Paint Pop Cherry/Black Pop Mix Club Pops Strawberries Azedinha Sour Drop Candy Starlight Fruit Tab Rolls Childs Play Tootsie Pops Minis Tootsie Rolls PEZ mini rolls Assorted Jolly Ranchers Toxic Waste Miniatures Laffy Taffy Mix Marvel Heroes Taffy
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