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Big Pro Big Bubble Space Saver Step

Item# ML2290
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The LYPC Big Pro Vendor is the best 2 inch toy capsule vendor you can buy. It's reliability and dependability is second to none. Rugged all metal construction and a heavy duty coin mechanism makes it perfect even for the roughest locations. Cash box is included for easy collections. It comes with a 1 year warranty & 30 day money back guarantee.

Vending Machine Specifications: Height: 59 inches Width: 12 inches Deep: 16 inches Big Pro Capacity: 240 Toy Capsules or Bouncy Balls Coin capacity: $200.00 in quarters All metal construction, all metal 50 cent drop thru coin mechanism ( 2 Quarters). Optional 75 cent or $1.00 coin mechanism Vends 2 inch toy capsules, 49mm bouncy balls, candy or 2 inch gumballs Big Bubble Gumball Candy Vending Machine Specifications: Height: 16 inches Width: 8 inches Depth: 8 inches Candy capacity: 14 lbs per head Gumball capacity: 400 one-inch gumballs per head Coin capacity: $150 in quarters per head. Metal lid, metal base, all metal coin mechanism. Accepts 1 US quarter or 1 Canadian quarter. Shatter-resistant polycarbonate globe.
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